Our new logistics center is ready

During September, we are ready to put our new high rack warehouse in operation.

From now on, we will store all whole boards and bigger offcuts up to a maximum size of 6100x2600mm exclusively in our high rack, and this with a max. weight of 5 tons each. 

The high rack warehouse consists of 368 cassettes, is 58 meters long and 13 meters high. At two terminals, the warehouse simultaneously can be equipped, and release plates which are needed for processing. Material is automatically measured in size and weight. As we work here with vacuum-devices only, material is handled gently and damages can be avoided.

Additionally to those advantages, first of all we gathered a lot of free space, which makes us more flexible at the machines.

Furthermore, we gain free space for stocking plates up to 12 meter length, which we will store in a few day’s time in fast moving grade-thickness-combinations. The short ways to our brand new plasma-cutting-machines, which are under construction right now, will make us even more flexible and quicker. You can read more about this in our next news…….


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